Custom Chain Stitch Inquiry

General Pricing for Custom Chain Stitching is as Follows
For Monograms, Small Lettering, Pet Portraits, Pennants, Custom Patches:
Thick Filled Script, Small Designs, Embroidered Jeans, Home Goods, Wall Art:
Full Back Pieces, Jackets, Large Flags:
Bridal Pieces:
Bridesmaids Jackets starting at $200
When messaging, please be as detailed as possible. Any photos would be helpful including measurements or area to be worked on (if sending an article of clothing).
Also please lists any colors you do or do not want to be used (if applicable) and your budget for the project. Although my pricing generally does not stray from what's listed above, chain stitching is something I truly enjoy and I can work with the right client to negotiate.
Lastly, let me know if there's a date you need the completed work by and so we can plan accordingly.
If you are sending me a garment to work on- if you pay the shipping cost to send to me, I will pay shipping cost to send back to you as a courtesy.
email any custom chain stitch ideas to
I'm always happy to chat on the phone as well, let me know in email if that's preferred.

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